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Downtown Craft focuses on guiding you through the best food, libations and events that happen in cities across the US and beyond. Almost every city has a downtown and we intend to show you what they all have to offer!

The 2019 Garnish Games in Denver, Colorado

The 2019 Garnish Games took place this last week in Denver, Colorado and it pitted several cocktails against each other to see who has the best garnish. From Tiki gods to smoke bubbles, this years event had tons to offer for cocktail lovers of all sorts!

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Mike Trinidad
Denver Restaurant Week 2019: Four Menus Worth Trying

Denver Restaurant Week starts on February 22nd and there are a ton of amazing restaurants taking part in this great event in Denver, Colorado! You can find so many delicious, local, and handcrafted meals from the gems of cuisine across the city that it can be a bit daunting to choose where to go. We have a few suggestions of restaurants with interesting menus that could catch your eye for the upcoming fun that is Denver Restaurant Week!

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